2017 Start of Petition Period

IEEE NH Section Announces Upcoming Election for the 2018 Term of Officers

July 12, 2017

James Henderson, Nominations Committee Chair

Officer positions for the NH Section include: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Member At Large.

Officer positions for Society Chapters include: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The following Societies have New Hampshire Chapters:

  • Computer (CS)
  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS)
  • Joint Communications / Signal Processing (Joint Com/Sig)
  • Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT-S)
  • Power and Energy (PES)
  • Robotics & Automation (RAS)

Officer positions for Affinity Groups include; Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The NH Section has the following Affinity Groups:

  • Consultants Network
  • Joint Women in Engineering / Young Professionals (WIE/YP)
  • Life Members (LM)

Members are encouraged to consider running for an elected position either at the Section level, or an appropriate Society Chapter of Affinity Group. The vitality of any organization depends on volunteers willing to plan and execute activities. The reward is the camaraderie that comes from engaging with like-minded people and the satisfaction of helping our profession grow and serve its members, community and society. Here is a description of the positions, along with a partial list of roles and responsibilities, for your reference.

The NH Section Nominations and Election process is carried out in three stages as specified in the Section Operating Manual and outlined below.

  1. A nomination period will be open from July 12 to September 6, 2017.
    • Members may nominate themselves or others
      • Self-Nomination
        • Provide office position being sought, email address, and IEEE membership number
      • Peer Nomination
        • Provide candidates name, office position, and email address
        • The Nominating Committee will contact the candidate to confirm willingness to run and pertinent information
      • Eligibility
        • All members who are graduate students or higher grade are eligible to run for an elected office position
        • Members who have served in the same position for two consecutive terms (the NH Section defines a term as one year) are not eligible to run for the same position for a third consecutive term.
    • Nominations must be submitted to the three members of the Nominations and Elections Committee by the close of the nomination period.
    • The nominating Committee will present a slate of officers to the ExCom following the close of the nomination period.
  2. A nomination by petition period will be open from September 7 to October 5, 2017.
    • Petition nominations can be for yourself or for a peer
    • Petition nominations must be accompanied by signed endorsements from 1% of the organization’s membership
    • Nominee’s name, position, IEEE number, required signatures, and a brief bio and position statement must be submitted to the three members of the Nominations and Elections Committee by the close of the petition period
  3. Elections will take place from October 6 to November 2, 2017
    • IEEE’s electronic balloting tool will be used for voting
    • Members who have opted out of email will be sent paper ballots
    • Members at level of Graduate Student and above are eligible to vote

Please direct any questions to James Henderson, Nominations and Election Committee Chair.