Elections Ballot and Voting – 2019 Term

Section and Society Elections will take place from October 5 to November 1, 2018

Please refer to vTools for your Section and Society ballot(s).

The New Hampshire Section is please to present our Nominations Ballot for the 2019 Term of Office and Candidate position statements.

Org Position Name Org Position Name
Excomm Chair Kat Reagan WIE/YP Chair Mimi Tam
Vice Chair Open Vice Chair Hayley Feyh
Treasurer Mary served 2 years Secretary
Secretary Scott served 2 years Treasurer
Member at large Stoney Woster
Computer Society Chair Barbara Bancroft Comm/Sig Chair Mimi Tam
Vice Chair Vice Chair Mary Brzeznski
Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer
CNET Chair Ray Barrett RAS Chair Sri Rhagavan
Vice Chair Madelaine Lowe Vice Chair
Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer
MTTS/APS Chair Ian Armstrong PES Chair Paul Gerry
Vice Chair Mary Brzeznski Vice Chair Joseph Feole
Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer
EMBS Co-Chair Paul Steiner Life Members Chair Jim Isaak
Vice Chair Mike O’Connor Vice Chair Mike O’Connor
Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer

Position Statements

Section Chair – Kat Regan

MTTS/APS Chair – Ian Armstrong

As a member of both the MTT-S and APS societies, I have a committed desire to increase collaboration between both societies, further engagement within industry and develop the next generation of RF engineering specialists. If elected as the next Chair, I would endeavor to:

  • Promote industry and academic membership in the MTT-S and APS societies
  • Provide opportunities for university students to interact with experienced Industry professionals
  • Increase attendance at local chapter meetings and activities

EMBS Vice Chair – Mike O’Connor

I would like to continue to serve in the vice-chair position for our EMBS joint chapter in 2019 in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Support the NH co-chair’s goal of delivering a series of technical presentations on medical/health sensors, body area networks and related systems and interoperability issues.
  • Further implement web-based conferencing and facilitate technical meeting planning in 2019.
  • Investigate producing one tele-course or tele-event for our chapter.
  • When co-chairs are unable to attend, I would plan to represent our chapter at the NH Section Executive Committee meetings (2nd Tuesday each month) and coordinate information for co-chairpersons and any other chapter officers.

WIE/YP Chair – Mimi Tam

I believe in IEEE as a professional organization that can advance my knowledge in all aspects of technology and the sciences. It would be an honor to help guide and be a part of the evolution in however small measure the telecommunications/wireless field that I am in.

One of the main reasons for volunteering in IEEE is my passion to ensure that this big force of rolling knowledge snowball keeps rolling, getting ever bigger and never stops. Every bit of volunteering effort adds up and counts in my book.

Being able to give back after taken so much from my previous mentors is an opportunity I shall not pass. I would like to forge a closer relationship between WIE (Women in Engineering) in IEEE and SWE (Society in Women Engineering) so that each organization can leverage and benefit from the assets & organized events from the other.

WIE/YP Vice Chair – Hayley Feyh

I love being part of a community, and that’s what IEEE is about. I want to get more millennials and women involved in this organization. Especially WIE/YP because the Women in Engineering affinity group is underrepresented, and I see a lot of potential. Helping others and learning new skills is what I take pride in so I’d love to be a mentor to others interested or starting in the field.

PES Vice Chair – Joseph Feole

My goals as the Vice Chair for the NH PES Chapter include:

  • Bringing awareness of the changes taking place in the power and energy industry right now
  • Educating and engaging youth and college students about job opportunities in the power and energy industries and how they can prepare for them
  • Host talks, conferences, and speakers on relevant topics in the power and energy industries including:
    • Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, and Storage
    • Utility issues and trends
    • Generation, protection, operations, controls
    • Cyber security

Life Members Chair – Jim Isaak

Over the last few years we have partnered with the Life Members in Boston to establish a regular program at Lincoln Labs. This has been great for those able to travel that way. We need to complement this with programs in NH, which we have done a bit in the last year. We need more NH programs, to co-sponsor relevant programs with similar interest groups both inside and outside of IEEE. Also we need to invite, and facilitate our life members to get involved in the STEM programs here in NH. A summary of these programs is located at <Alan can you include URL here!>. One activity for 2019 will be to bring interested life members, and others together to understand how we can be involved with programs from FIRST to Destination Imagination and Young Inventors.