IEEE NH and the Council share a commitment to the continued expansion of high technology industry and applications in New Hampshire. The Council engages the corporations and organizations building the tech-economy; IEEE NH engages the technology professionals. The purpose of our collaboration is to deepen our connection, grow the NH technology ecosystem and expand connections and opportunities for industry, education and professionals.

The Council is creating a vibrant ecosystem for technology companies that want to launch, grow, or relocate in New Hampshire. The Council is committed to expanding the tech-driven economy by building partnerships, enhancing workforce skills and knowledge, and shaping public policy.

Founded in 1983, the Council has been the voice of technology and innovation in the State of New Hampshire for well over 30 years, helping drive NH’s economy by encouraging research and technology based industrial development. Council members span from entrepreneurs and startups to the largest tech companies in New Hampshire and those that provide important services to the tech sector.

Common areas of interest with the Council include:

  • STEM education – encouraging, supporting, and providing pre-college programs.
  • Developing and maintaining technical skills of our professionals
  • Keeping and expanding high tech job opportunities in NH

Actions we can take:

  • IEEE NH to become a complementary member of the Council for 2018

    NH HTC Collaboration
  • Cross promotion of events and activities:
    • Invite individuals from our respective organizations to participate in each other’s programs at “member rates;” support student engagement where practical at no cost.
    • Encourage IEEE NH members to sign up for Council e-Blast newsletter and Council members to sign up for the IEEE NH newsletter.
    • Communicate and where appropriate share sponsorship of STEM related activities.
  • Build a stronger ‘presence for NH tech and professionals’ in the state.
  • Collaborate to help build our tech community competencies with speakers, seminars, sponsorship for IEEE Distinguished Visitors, panel participation, professional skills development, and other activities.
  • Survey NH IEEE members to get insight on New Hampshire tech opportunities
  • Encourage tech internship opportunities for students (working with
  • Involve each other in activities of common interest.

The complete agreement is available here.