On March 29th NCC IEEE Students and Computer Society IEEE NH hosted a professional seminar titled: “Cybersecurity – Personal Security Habits”. The seminar was presented by Information Assurance Manager for Department of Defense, Peter Kurek. Professor Kurek also created our own Cybersecurity program at NCC. Professor Kurek holds many highly coveted and desirable Cybersecurity certifications.

The talk explained how Cybersecurity works and what we should be aware of. We received advise on how to keep our computers and all the devices that we use safe and accessible. CIA stands for confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. How do we make data correct, secure and accessible? We could simply restrict access to all data, but then the computes would be useless. Giving the right amount of access while keeping data safe is a continuous challenge for system administrators.

Next seminar will take place on April 16th. We will be talking about Virtual Private Networks.