The SNHU IEEE Students Branch in Collaboration with WIE/YP and SETA (School of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics) is continuing its seminar series. The January event was titled “How to get an internship, a DEKA perspective”. DEKA representatives came out and introduced students to DEKA. They gave us summary of what DEKA does, what kind of jobs are available at DEKA and about their company culture. DEKA is looking for people who are passionate about developing new products.

We got a summary of the many exciting products: LUKE robotic arm, Segway, iBOT advanced mobility system, dialysis advances, auto-syringe for diabetes and much more. We listened with interest to the collaboration of DEKA with ARMI labs and their stories about growing tissue even heart tissue.

During the meeting we networked over pizza. Students had a wonderful opportunity to talk to the hiring managers at DEKA. They got detailed description of the applications process and many useful hits on how to stand out from the crowd.

Internship Seminar – Gathering and pizza
Internship Seminar – Presentation
Internship Seminar – Closing