The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers Student Branch is hosting technical seminars at NCC. We are an NCC club that meets regularly on Wednesday at noon in room 307. Our last seminar was titled “Analytics, Social Media and Privacy”. The seminar was presented by Mr. Jim Isaak a very accomplished member of IEEE.  Among his accomplishment are 30 year industry career with many position of great responsibility, past president of Computer Society and current chair of IEEE USA Committee on Social Responsibility.

Mr. Isaak presented a talk on how the big data and IA combined with social media allows companies to gather information about us. Marketing companies can target us with adds, but the implications are much further reaching than just selling jeans or household goods. Do you know that you do not have to have a Facebook account to be followed by Facebook. Just ten clicks on a “like” gives them your profile.  With 100 clicks they know more about you than your spouse, parent or child and the amount of information just increases with every click.



The talk was followed by an informal session over pizza. This was a joint event between Student Branch, NH Computer Society and IEEE Life Members. The conversations between students and seasoned professionals were very valuable.  Everybody enjoyed the seminar so much that we continued the conversation for another three hours.