As a software engineer, when I hear the term networking, wires and switches come to my mind. Thinking of networks, I contacted my network engineer today to add another server to the server room and cannot WAIT to start playing with the new server. I understand networking and the importance of having a well-established technical network. Even though my career is fulfilling, that server room is dim with annoying flashing lights. And my office outside the room has terrible lighting and the AC duct might need a new filter. Getting out of the stuffy office is the reason for IEEE-WIE/YP annual hiking event.

We need fresh air to live and breathe.

This year, we marched into Welch and Dickey Loop Trail (Thornton, New Hampshire) to peep on some beautiful scenery and jaw dropping views. The orange and reds popped from miles away. This famous trail is NOT the best kept secret because the parking lot was packed. However, even with the Boston crowds, the event was a blast for everyone involved. We had a diverse group with some well-seasoned hikers to a complete newbie. But even though there was a level of experience, we all stuck together and networked by swapping stories and life experienced. Maura Moran, a technology patent lawyer shared her experience with IEEE-USA and how IEEE has given her additional opportunity to advocate technology to our representatives. My friend Ed Nelson and I used the mountain to vent our shared frustrations with our previous installs. Venting felt great but ceased once we reached the paths overlooks. Afterwards the conversation switched to how majestic the White Mountains are during the fall season.

All in all, the hike was 4.5 miles and we completed it in 6 hours. The day was long, the company was great, and the experience was a positive one. The Chapter cannot wait to hold it again next year!

Article submitted by Kat Reagan,
Section Chair, NH Section, Region 1