Oct 15th the leaf peeking season was in full swing when 5 hardy souls embarked on climbing Welch and Dickey.  On the way to the mountain we saw the Campton Dam and took some pictures of the trees reflected in water (pic 1 and 2).

The hike starts with a gentle ascend along a brook (pic 3).  Even people who do not hike regularly can easily make the first climb.  It is 1.3 miles to the first ledges.  A snack and a great view are a fitting reward (pic 4).  At this point hikers can turn around and go back to the parking lot.

We continued on (pic 5 and 6) with climb towards Welch peak.  On top we saw a yoga class (pic 7).  We had some downhill, but we still had to climb the Dickey Peak.  From Dickey the view extends all the way to Franconia Notch and Presidential range.  This peak is a little easier climb than Welch and none of it compares to climbing Presidential Range.  From there is a relatively gentle descend along stretch of ledges with beautiful views all the way to the parking lot.

1 Colors are beautiful
2 The mountain in the background is where we are going
3 Gentle ascend along a brook to the First Ledges
4 Snack / lunch at first ledges
5 Off again
6 Welch peak and some climbing still ahead
7 Yoga class on top of Welch peak
8 Looking back on where we came from
9 More colors