IEEE NH Participated in the annual Young Inventors competition on March 31st at SNHU. This regional event brings in students from the region, including New Hampshire ranging from Kindergarten to High School. IEEE NH provides two awards:  one for an Electrical Project, and a second for a Design project.

Our Electrical award went to the project “Water Your Plants “

Young Inventors 2019 Electrical Award Winner

Our Design Award went to a young inventor that developed and built her own combination wheel chair and walker capable of handling curbs.

Design award for a combination wheelchair and walker
Young Inventors 2019 Design Award Winner

Other projects that caught our engineering perspective included:

  • A hat mounted camera with cloud connection that would identify objects and “speak” the name, then encourage the wearer to repeat that name. The target users are autistic children whose attention wanders and have trouble in speech development.
  • A robot for delivering medicines in a hospital setting using RFID to assure proper location for delivery.
  • An IoT type system for weather monitoring using AI to predict disaster events
  • A pendant for recognizing voice vibrations and providing an easy to understand “voice” for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

The program only allows a student to receive two awards, so between IEEE, other sponsors, and the general judging, all of these students received awards and recognition for their innovative work.

Our thanks to NH IEEE Members who helped with the project evaluation: Ed Nelson, Eric Dano, Jeffrey Zampieron, Kat Reagan, Mary E Brzezenski, Matt Bowers, Thomas Batton, and Jim Isaak